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What we offer

We are a consulting company composed of former law enforcement and private investigation professionals.  My name is Mario Torres and I am the founder of Private Detective  We offer a step by step assistance to help guide you as you become a private investigation agency owner.  We help you through the licensee process.  We assist you in how to market.  This includes suggestions on website site deigns, business cards and other promotional advertising items.  We then also train you on:

1. Surveillance.

2. Report Writing.

3. Interviewing techniques. 

4. Interrogation techniques. 

5. How to run a background check.

6. How to run a civil history check.

7. How to run an asset check.

8. How to trace IP Addresses, Cell Phones, & email addresses.

9. How to conduct criminal defense investigations.

10. How to conduct personal injury investigations.

11.  How to conduct a family / child custody investigations.

12. How to conduct an endangered missing persons investigations.

13. How to obtain records and request records (marriage, death, divorce)  

14. Monthly Case Referrals are sent your way so you can have work coming in. 

15.  Bi weekly meetings via skype.

16. Access to our Private Data Base which contains over 10 Billion Files of Info.

This service is a 5 year service.  Why 5 years.  Most businesses fail within the first 5 years.  We will make sure that you have all the tools and info needed so you wont fail.  I spent over $100,000 learning the business and 30 years under my belt of making sure I didn't drown.  I did drink allot of water but I am now a successful Private Investigation Owner and with my help you will be too.


This is a 5 year program / agreement to assist you in starting a business as a Private Investigation Owner. / operator.

A one time payment of:


after 90 days or after you obtain your PI License a monthly payment of $250.00 for 5 years.

*Remember we will be referring cases to you once a month.

So if you are serious and not lazy and have NO Felony Convictions in the last 10 years I would like to speak to you.  Call us at : (210) 758-8025